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This website is an initiative of some Alumni & Friends of the Physics Department of G C College to upgrade its existing Teaching-Learning process in the `Diamond Jubilee Year of the Introduction of the Undergraduate Science Education' (1954-2014). Here we shall provide following information important for students, admission details, courses offered, students' HS/UG syllabus, lecture notes of teachers, lab manual for laboratory, scholarships schemes etc. With an active support from one of our allumni, we have initiated MOODLE (Modular Object-oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) based eLearning curricula for the UG students from this `Diamond Jubilee' year. We appeal you to help us in developing a database of Alumni & Friends in order to coordinate among ourselves. Please also mail us your valuable suggestion and feedback.

Address of Physics Department:

Dr Tushar Kanti Dey
Department of Physics
Gurucharan College
Silchar 788004, Assam, INDIA
Email: tkdey54@gmail.com
Fax: (03842) 267042 (0)
Ph No: (03842) 265602 (0)

Homepage: www.gccollege.in/physics