Physics Department

Gurucharan College



The department offers Higher Secondary and Undergraduate Physics Course (Both Pass and Honours) with the following combination papers:

Higher Secondary (Science)

1. Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics; Biology (Optional)
2. Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics; Statistics (Optional)
3. Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics; Computer Science (Optional)
(Compulsory: MIL, English)

B.Sc. (Physics Honours)

1. Physics (Hons), Mathematics, Chemistry
2. Physics (Hons), Mathematics, Statistics
3. Physics (Hons), Mathematics, Geology
4. Physics (Hons), Mathematics, Computer Science
(Compulsory: MIL, English)

B.Sc. (Pass)

    1. Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics
    2. Physics, Chemistry, Statistics
    3. Physics, Mathematics, Geology
    4. Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science
    (Compulsory: MIL, English)

Physics Syllabus

Undergraduate (Pass & Hons)  |  Higher Secondary


Admission process begins in the month of June of each year. For more information about number of seat, eligibility criterion,  admission form, important dates etc, see Prospectus and Notice Board