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Gurucharan College, Silchar is one of the oldest educational cynosures of the North-East India which was established 1935. In pursuit of quality science education, `Arun Kumar Chanda Science Section’ was established in 1949 with the Physics Department as one of its core departments which was then offering the pre-university education only. Later, B.Sc. (Pass) course was introduced in 1954, which was soon upgraded to the Physics Honours level in 1962. Since inception, the department has been receiving wide appreciation because of the brilliant result of its students both in the university and other exams. Apart from the routine classroom activities, it has been organizing science exhibition, seminar, symposium, workshop etc. The departmental magazine `ANWESHAN’ is proved to be an important instrument to nurture the inquisitiveness of the students' mind about the recent development in physics. These academic endeavours, which form the basic threads of the higher education and research in the South Assam, are still being cultivated in the department as a part of its unique tradition and reaffirm its commitment to promote the `Spirit of Physics’.

3rd Annual Students' Colloquium of Physics Department held on March 15, 2016 ### Students from all colleges of south Assam participated in `Undergraduate Student Symposium' organized to celebrate 100 years of `General Theory of Relativity' (December 24, 2015) (Program download) ### First `Prof Phani bhusan Das Memorial Lecture': "Einstein's dream: Gravity as Geometry" is delivered by Prof Biman Nath, RRI, Bangalore ### Commemorative issue of departmental magazine `ANWESHAN' is released (Magazine download)