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Research Papers


1. Comparison of Electromagnetically Induced Transparency in lambda, vee and cascade three-level systems; S Sen, M R Nath, T K Dey and G Gangopadhyay, Journal of Modern Optics 62 (2015) 184-192

2. A Noisy Nutrient Induced Instability in Phytoplankton Blooms; T K Dey, A Gangopadhyay, G Gangopadhyay, Int Journal of Current Research and Academic Review 3 (2015) 51


1. SU(4) group and classification of four-level system; S Sen, H Ahmed, Journal of Mathematical Physics 55 (2014) 122105


1. Bloch space structure, qutrit wave function and atom-field entanglement in three-level systems; S Sen, M R Nath, T K Dey and G Gangopadhyay, Annals of Physics 12 (2012)224-252


1. Bloch equation and atom-field entanglement scenario in three-level systems; S Sen, M R Nath, T K Dey and G Gangopadhyay, AIP Conference Proceedings "75 Years of Quantum Entanglement: Foundations and Information Theoretic Applications", 1384, (2011) 190-195


1. Growth and optical properties of chemical bath deposited Cd_{0.7}Zn_{0.3}S nanoparticles, K.Sunar, B.Bodo and P.K.Kalita, AIP Conf. Proc. & Astrophysics, 1276 (2010) 70

2. Photometric study of the star-forming clouds CB3, CB25 and CB39, A.K.Sen, V.F.Polcaro, I.Dey and R.Gupta, Astronomy & Astrophysics, 522 (2010) A45


1. Bloch space structure in lambda, vee and cascade type of three-level system and qutrit wave function, S.Sen, M.R.Nath, T.K.Dey and G.Gangopadhyaya [quan-ph:0901.3248]


1. Dynamical symmetry breaking of lambda and vee-type three-level systems on quantization of the field modes; M.R.Nath, S.Sen, A.K.Sen and G.Gangopadhyay, Pramana - Jour. of Phys., 71 (2008) 77 [quant-ph:0802.0368]

2. Gravitational lensing by wormholes; T.K.Dey and S.Sen, Mod Phys Lett, 23 (2008) 953 [gr-qc:0806.4059]

3. Effect of field quantization on Rabi oscillation of equidistant cascade four-level system; M.R.Nath, T.K.Dey, S.Sen and G.Gangopadhyay, Pramana - Jour of Phys, 70 (2008) 141 [quant-ph:0712.2649]


1. On the microscopic basis of Newton's law of cooling and beyond; M.R.Nath, S.Sen and G.Gangopadhyay, J Chem Phys 127 (2007) 095505 [quant-ph:0801.4247]

2. Evolution of ion-acoustic solitary waves in magnetized plasma contaminated with varying dust-charged grains, K.Devi, J.Sarma, G.C.Das, A.Nag, R.K.Roychoudhury, Planetary and Space Science 55 (2007) 1358

3. Salient features of solitary waves in dusty plasma under the influence of Coriolis force, G.C.Das and A.Nag, Physics of Plasmas 14 (2007) 083705


1. Chiral and U_A(1) phase transition in $\pi$, $\eta$ and $\eta'$ mesons; S.Sen and B.Bagchi, Mod Phys Lett 21 (2006) 1529

2. Evolution of nonlinear ion-acoustic solitary wave propagation in rotating plasma”, G.C.Das and A.Nag, Physics Of Plasmas 13 (2006) 082303

3. M.Govender, K.S.Govinder, S.D.Maharaj, R.Sharma, S.Mukherjee and T.K.Dey, Radiating spherical collapse with heat flow, Int Jour Mod Phys D12 (2003) 667


1. Dynamics of cascade three-level system interacting with the classical and quantized field; M.R.Nath, S.Sen and G.Gangopadhyaya, Pramana - Jour of Phys 61 (2003) 1089 [quant-ph:0711.3884]


1. ‘A star is born!’ The formation process of star, I.Dey, Resonance - Jour of Science 5 (2000)


1. Radiative decay width and mixing angles of $\eta$, $\eta'$, and $\eta_{c}$; B.Bagchi, P.Bhattacharya, S.Sen and J.Chakrabarti, Phys Rev D60 (1999) 074002

2. The chiral and U_{A}(1) phase transition in QCD and mass spectrum of I=0 pseudo-scalar mesons; S.Sen and B.Bagchi, Phys Lett B461 (1999) 363

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Departmental Magazine:

  • The department is regularly publishing its annual magazine “ANWESHAN” since 2002

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Books, Proceedings etc:

  • A Handbook of Higher Secondary Practical Physics; Author: K Sunar; Publisher: Oriental Book Company Pvt Ltd, Kolkata (2007)
  • Proceedings of 4th Conference of the Physics Association of the North-East (PANE); Editor: Tushar Kanti Dey; Publisher: Physics Department, G C College, Silchar (2004)
  • `Souvenir' published on the occasion of 4th Conference of Physics Academy of North-East (PANE) held in G C College on November 3 & 4, 2004; Editor: Apratim Nag; Publisher: Physics Department, G C College, Silchar (2004)